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Edwards Process

Edwards Cast Stone puts value in every stone by maintaining quality and service above the customers expectations by following a tenacious process.

We solve your jobsite challenges prior to starting a project with our proven knowledge and experience. Consistent, accurate and easy to understand shop drawings means less jobsite conflicts. Guaranteed fewer jobsite problems from our accurate shop drawings, fabrication, complete documentation, organized palletizing and marked pieces and packaging. What does all this mean to you? Less cost!

For nearly 60 years, our product has been a direct reflection of each of us at Edwards Cast Stone. We intend to continue to improve even more if you allow us the opportunity to provide your next project. Our reputation is cast in every stone!


It's The Edwards Cast Stone Advantage



Our sales team will work with you to get your order together. A drafting supervisor will review the project and contact you within two to three days from the date of your order to discuss the project and schedule. A Project Manager will then be assigned to you. The Project Manager will be your sole point of contact for all issues relating to your project.


Design and Drafting

We believe it's important to focus a great deal of attention on the shop drawing phase to eliminate potential job site problems. This helps reduce errors, omissions, and other problems that can arise during installation.

The Project Manager will work with you to determine the scope of the project and the detail for the pieces needed. Our design team will produce the shop drawings necessary for your project. The Project Manager will submit a detailed set of shop drawings showing the layout of the Cast Stone on the project either in plan, in elevation, or both; cross sections detailing each profile; and all the connections the drawings to you for approval.

We'll also provide you with a set of piece-marked shop drawings to use when installing the stone. Every piece of Cast Stone will have a tag attached indicating its piece mark, project name and weight. This piece mark will coordinate with the piece marks on the layout or installation drawings.



Once the drawings are approved, the Project Manager will generate production tickets and get production started. Each stone receives a durability application through a sanding and etching process giving it lifetime durability, consistent color and low absorption, meaning longer life with no maintenance.


Shipping and Installation

Once production is finished and the order is complete, the Project Manager will contact the contractor (or designated contact person) and arrange for delivery. All hardware ordered will be shipped with the appropriate Cast Stone pieces.


Finished Product

Our goal is to earn your complete satisfaction - on your current job, and all futures jobs as well. Focusing on your complete satisfaction helps to ensure that you're completely comfortable referring our service to others. View examples of the work we've completed for our customers.

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