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January 1st, 1964, marked the day Jim and his wife Pat started their business. The company was named Edwards Construction Company, but after their second son was born, it was changed to Edwards & Sons Construction Company.

In 1969, Jim started a precast concrete company called National Precast Products Concrete Company (NAPPCO) to retain his workforce in the winter. NAPPCO fabricated septic tanks, utility man-holes, and farm products.

In 1974, Edwards Construction Company was sold, and NAPPCO was renamed Edwards Precast Concrete Company (EPC), eventually becoming Edwards Cast Stone Company. Jim wanted to become a one-stop precast and cast stone shop, so in 1990, he began producing dry cast in addition to wet cast products.


Now, Edwards Cast Stone is one of only a few companies in the country that cast dry and wet cast stone daily. Edwards Cast Stone's shop staff and management team are all experienced technicians. Their experience with field application of cast stone means they have the skill to meet the needs of any project.


At seventy, Jim decided to hang up his hard hat, unlace his steel-toed boots, and retire. Ownership and management of the daily operations have been turned over to his sons, Bob, Jeff, and Doug.

Our Reputation is Cast In Every Piece.

Edwards Cast Stone puts value in every stone by maintaining quality and service above the customer's expectations by following a rigorous process. We solve your job site challenges before starting a project with our consistent, accurate, and easy-to-understand shop drawings, palletizing and marked pieces and packing, and concise fabrication. What does this mean to you? Less Cost! Our products are a direct reflection of us at Edwards Cast Stone. If you allow us to provide your next project, we intend to continue improving. 

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