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Cast Stone, Pre-Cast or Cut Stone?

The numerous options available can make it difficult to choose the
proper building materials.

While cut natural stone is beautiful, it may not always have the structural integrity necessary for building construction, and it's nearly impossible to exactly duplicate identical pieces.

Precast concrete is typically stronger than natural cut limestone, but it doesn't have the look of natural cut stone. Cast Stone, on the other hand, solves both of these problems.

Cast Stone can be stronger than precast concrete, and is easily cast to produce identical pieces. It's also more weather resistant than natural stone, and can be cast in numerous colors. That makes Cast Stone an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, sandstone, brownstone, bluestone, slate, granite, travertine, and other natural building stones.

Cast Stone is so durable, in fact, that US Cast Stone standards provide for a product of "infinite life" - which means in excess of 100 years. This durability comes from less water absorption, resistance to freeze-thaw, and abrasion resistance. That's why it's often specified for use in construction projects by architects and contractors. Most natural stone and precast concrete can't meet the same standards as Cast Stone. That makes Cast Stone the material of choice for many architectural projects.

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