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#33 Efflorescence

#35 Water Repellents

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#37 Job Site Handling and Installation

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#40 Freeze/Thaw Durability

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#49 Basic Comparisons between Various Masonry Materials

#50 Air Entertainment Requirements

#51 Use of Reinforcement

#52 Allowing for Movement of Masonry Materials

#53 Cast Stone and the LEED™ Rating System


Edwards Cast Stone guarantees the cast stone it supplies against cracks, disintegration, discoloration, or other defects when units are wet or dry, due to inadequate quality of cast stone for a period of one (1) year from date of substantial completion.


Sustainable design has become one of the most prominent trends in the building industry. Designers aiming for a more environmentally-friendly building design often turn to building rating systems to help them assess the environmental impact of a building and its components. The most widely used system in the U.S. is the LEED™ Rating System.

     Cast Stone and the LEED™ Rating System


Every piece we produce averages 54.5% stronger than the minimum industry standard. Additionally, water absorption resistance in our stone exceeds the standard by 61%. The result is a product which is more durable, lasts longer, and is a much better value than others.

     Braun Intertec Architectural Cast Stone Test

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