Edwards Cast Stone Company

Standard Products

Our standard products are available for any project. Standard products are less expensive than custom products and available more quickly.

If your project has standard sizing and our Standard Products will work for your project, you can order them directly from our catalog with a part number. Keep in mind that there may be some field cutting necessary if your field dimensions are slightly different from our standard.

We don't provide shop drawings with our Standard Products because the architectural drawings will have the location for each unit already marked.



Semi-Custom Orders

Standard Cast Stone products are best suited for designs that call for basic and popular items, such as: band courses and wall cap coping, pier caps, keystones, quoins, and window sill units sized to replace brick. Often, the standard products serve as a springboard for custom ideas.

Changing the size of any Standard Product creates a custom order, but if there are no other customizations we consider the project to be semi-custom. These products are made to order, and may be priced individually or as a contract price for the project. We'll prepare shop tickets for your approval. The tickets will show the quantity, cross-section, reinforcement, finished faces, anchoring provisions, and the scheduled links to be provided.

The contractor or architect will confirm the quantities, sizes, location of each unit, and verify the method of anchoring to the structure. No additional layout drawings will be needed because architectural drawings should already contain all the necessary information for placing each piece. Some pieces could possibly require field cutting.


Standard Parts Catalog

Download the full catalog in PDF form (8.7 MB).
If you just need a page or two from the catalog, use the chart below to download what you need.


3 Cast Stone Introduction  
4 How to Order Cast Stone  

Standard Colors and Hardware

6 & 7 Water Tables E101 - E104 (754KB)
8 & 9 Bands E201 - E205 (1004KB)
E206 - E209 (1014KB)
10 & 11 Window Sills I
E301 - E305 (1054KB) E306 - E310 (2004KB)
E311 - E315 (1094KB)  
12 & 13 Window Sills II
E301 - E305 (1054KB) E306 - E310 (2004KB)
E311 - E315 (1094KB)  
14 & 15 Window Surrounds
E401 (129KB) E402 (132KB)
E403 (104KB) E404 (139KB)
E405 (149KB) E406 (157KB)
E407 (156KB) E408 (160KB)
E409 (155KB)  
16 & 17 Door Surrounds
E501 (118KB) E502 (124KB)
E503 (120KB) E504 (108KB)
  E506 (130KB)
18 & 19 Heads  E601 - E605 (594KB)
20 & 21 Jack Arches

E701 (96KB)

E702 (106KB)
E703 (98KB) E704 (100KB)
E705 (92KB) E706 (105KB)
E707 (102KB) E708 (109KB)
22 & 23 Keystones
E801 - E810 (759KB) E811 - E815 (293KB)
24 & 25 Quoins
E901 - E902 (1034KB) E903 - E904 (1074KB)
26 & 27 Copings
E1001 - E1002 (892KB) E1003 - E1004 (1024KB)
E1005 - E1006 (1024KB) E1007 - E1008 (1074KB)
E1009 (826KB)  
28 & 29 Pier caps
E1101 (391KB) E1102 (847KB)
E1103 (1024KB) E1104 (1014KB)
E1105 (984KB) E1106 (1054KB)
E1107 (1054KB) E1108 (1044KB)
30 & 31 Balls  E1201 - E1209 (97KB)
32 & 33 Accents
E1301 - E1303 (340KB) E1304 - E1306 (774KB)
34 & 35 Address Stones
C,R & RCD Series (517KB) S Series (376KB)
36, 37, 38, & 39 Balustrade  E1401 - E1451 (668KB)
40 & 41 Fireplace Surrounds
E1501 28x36 (175KB) E1501 40x50 (174KB)
E1502 28x36 (205KB) E1502 40x50 (174KB)
E1503 28x36 (145KB) E1503 40x50 (145KB)
E1504 28x36 (178KB) E1504 40x50 (188KB)
E1505 28x36 (196KB) E1505 40x50 (195KB)
E1506 28x36 (182KB) E1506 40x50 (180KB)
42 Custom Pieces  
43 Terms and Conditions  
44 Back Cover