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Edwards Cast Stone Products

Edwards Cast Stone creates completely customized pieces, unique to your building.

We work closely with architects on new construction projects. Equally ideal for restorations, Edwards creates custom molds to replace broken and damaged stone to restore buildings to near-original condition.

We also maintain a full catalog of standard products which can be customized to suit your project if needed.


The Cast Stone Advantage

Cast stone is a high quality building material that simulates natural cut stone. It is manufactured from graded aggregates, portland cement, additives and color pigments. It can be dry cast or wet cast, depending on the project.

Cast stone, when properly finished, has a texture similar to a high-quality limestone - but with some important differences.

  • It's significantly stronger than natural limestone. In fact, cast stone from Edwards is typically at least twice as strong. Natural limestone used in a building is required to have a minimum compressive strength of 4000 psi. Most of our cast stone has a compressive strength of close to or over 10,000 psi. That's quite a difference.
  • Since it's made to your specifications, cast stone can be reinforced. That means more flexibility in your building design.
  • Cast stone can be pressed into unique molded shapes that give your project an individualized look. Your building will be unique and well-regarded.
  • Virtually any color is available in cast stone - instead of only white, buff or gray (for natural limestone).

We're ready to help with your cast stone needs - for current and future projects. Request a Bid or call Edwards Cast stone today at 1-800-992-9323 so we can find the right products to complete your project with the highest quality cast stone available.