Edwards Cast Stone Company

Drafting and Design Services

Precise shop drawings are critical to getting your job done right. Our highly trained drafting team will work closely with the contractor and architect to be certain we clearly understand your
project needs.

We use the best technology and the latest version of AutoCAD to produce the most accurate drawings possible. Once your drawings are complete, we'll send an electronic file for your review and approval.

We can also send you a paper copy if you need one and can't print one. Just call us at 563.556.0535, or send an email to greg@edcstone.com, and we'll send one right out.

After all, we don't want to start production until you've given your "stamp" of approval. That way we'll know everything is exactly as needed. We want to save you time, and not waste it dealing with schedule changes or errors. We also want to save you money and be certain there are no problems with installation. All of our detailed shop drawings list the required installation hardware - we can even deliver it with your stone.

Paying close attention to the details of each project is another way we make certain that every aspect of our work meets your needs and wants. Our attention to detail makes it easy for you to choose Edwards Cast Stone as your supplier for your current and future projects.

That's how we earned our reputation as a leading supplier of cast stone. Putting your project needs first is the way we keep that reputation.


We want to help your project go smoothly, and we also want you to have trouble-free installation. To assure that, we will require specific information about your project. Here is a brief list:

  • A complete set of up-to-date or most current architectural drawings, civil or landscape, and structural, if needed. Digital file formats of .dwg, .tif, or PDF are also accepted, and sometimes preferred, to speed up the shop drawing process.
  • All specifications and addendums.
  • A project schedule for when stone is needed on site. Providing accurate dates helps us plan our production schedule so the right pieces will be at your job site at the right time.
  • A contact person in your company that our Project Manager can reach directly to ensure proper project flow.

Please note: On larger projects, we will request a project sequence to make sure we produce the product in the order you need it.