Edwards Cast Stone Company

Wet and Dry Cast Stone

Edwards Cast Stone's ability to produce WET and DRY cast stone provides a ONE-STOP shop for all your cast stone needs.

 In general, pieces that are structural or too large to set in place by hand, such as base panels or lintels, work best using the wet cast method. Small, repetitive, non-structural pieces such as copings, bands, sills, or ornamental pieces that can be set in place by hand are generally dry cast. Projects can include any combination of wet or dry cast pieces. Both methods have their own set of advantages.


Large Pieces - The pouring process of wet cast allows large pieces to be made with ease.

Structural Pieces - Wet cast's ability to flow around reinforcement allows our product to act as a structural piece, while still maintaining the properties and appearance of cast stone.

Embedded Inserts - For the same reason as reinforcement, Edwards Cast Stone is able to embed inserts into the concrete. Inserts can be anything from lifting devices, weld plates for installation, electrical boxes or light fixtures.

Small Pieces - Due to the ease of handling during production, shipping and installation, smaller pieces work better in dry cast.

High Efficiency - The repetitive aspect of the dry cast process allows many pieces to be produced from one mold in one day, saving mold costs and resulting in faster production.

No Bug Holes - The tamping procedure packs dry cast pieces tight, leaving no room for bug holes.

Having both processes at Edwards Cast Stone means you get to enjoy the advantages of both casting methods. Edwards Cast Stone is able to match most colors between the departments, so your project can be effectively produced by utilizing wet cast and dry cast key advantages. Additionally, both processes produce stone with compression strength in excess of 6500 psi, absorption between 4% and 6%, and freeze/thaw results that exceed ASTM C 1364.

ECS two methods gets your project produced the most efficient way possible, meaning Edwards Cast Stone = More Profit

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