Edwards Cast Stone Company

Project Managers & Shop Drawings

Edwards Cast Stone PROJECT MANAGERS and SHOP DRAWINGS make sure the work is done up front to ensure smooth flow on the job site.

Project Manager

Once your order is placed with ECS, you will be given your own personal project manager.
The project manager will act as your "inside guy" at ECS and benefit you in various ways:

  • Being your single source contact, eliminating the confusion of working with multiple people within an organization.
  • Recognizing and solving problems before they hit the jobsite.
  • Producing your Delivery Confirmation Sheet, which establishes a timeline of events to assure your project will be completed on time.
  • Communicating with you on the sequence of the job, so ECS can produce and deliver the pieces you need, when you need them.

Shop Drawings

ECS shop drawings are created by our highly trained project managers.
The detailed shop drawings are:

  • Drawn using Auto CAD, producing clear and accurate plans for your project.
  • Available in hard copy and digital format. The hard copy allows for traditional use, while the digital format helps speed up the approval process and any change orders.
  • Include Connection Hardware on all products, even if you do not plan on ordering hardware from ECS.
  • Drawn with all the PC Marks established, helping ease the task of putting the puzzle together on the jobsite.

This time and effort up front eliminates down time and confusion on the job site, meaning
Edwards Cast Stone = More Profits.

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