Edwards Cast Stone Company

Piece Marks & Pallet Labels

Edwards Cast Stone PC MARKS and PALLET LABELS help workers make decisions and reduce confusion on the jobsite.

 During production at ECS, each piece is marked with an easy to read tag. The pieces are then palleted and the bagged pallet is marked with a pallet label. Both tags and pallet labels provide convenient information that makes life on the jobsite easier and more efficient.

Information provided on tags and labels:

1.  Quote # - ECS uses a Quote # system to stay organized
and allow for fast identification of jobs. If you encounter a problem with a piece or pallet, you can simply give your project manager the quote # and they will be ready to
assist you.

2.  Job Name - Allows for easy identification and confirms
the right pieces are on the right jobsite.

3.  Weight - Having the weight of each piece and every
pallet clearly marked takes the guesswork out of how
many guys it takes to lift a particular piece and whether
or not they need a machine.

4.  PC Marks - Each piece is marked in
coordination with the detailed shop drawings. The piece mark is printed large and clear, eliminating the problems of handwritten marks. This clarity and coordination reduces the wasted time of field cuts by ensuring the right piece goes in the right place on your project.

5.  Pallet # - Every pallet is numbered so you can keep them straight on the jobsite. The pallet # is located on both the pallet label and the actual pallet. This way if the label is lost along the way, the pallet can still be identified.

6.  PC List - On each pallet label is a list of all the pieces on that pallet and how many there are. Knowing what pallet every piece is on can save you a lot of time by eliminating the painstaking task of searching through a yard
of pallets for one piece.

7.  Bar Code - The bar code is for internal use only. It keeps our process accurate and efficient so we can provide the highest
quality possible.




PC Marks and Pallet Labels eliminate time and confusion on the job site, meaning Edwards Cast Stone = More Profit