Edwards Cast Stone Company

Order Process

Edwards Cast Stone ORDER PROCESS improves the communication and completion rates for projects.

By working with clients early in the process, Edwards has greatly improved the communication and completion rate for projects leading to jobs that are both successful and profitable. Within one to two business days of placing your order with Edwards, you will receive a confirmation notice. This notice will address the following information required to start the project off on the right foot:

1) Plan Status –Edwards will inform you of existing plans or determine if new plans are needed. This allows the Shop Drawing process to get underway as soon as possible and eliminates lost time caused by confusion of what is needed.

2) Credit Status – Edwards will inform you of the credit arrangement currently in place for your company. If you are a new customer or a returning customer with an inactive credit status (over one year), a credit application will be sent with the confirmation.

3) Company Information – To keep communication moving smoothly during the projects, Edwards will ask that you review the company information we have on file for you and make any necessary changes.

4) Jobsite Information –Jobsite contact information will let Edwards know who to contact regarding questions during the Shop Drawing and Production process. The jobsite address will allow for a detailed map to be generated for the trucking company, ensuring on-time delivery.

5) Tax Status – Edwards will ask that you check off on the tax status for this project. You will have three options:

     a. The project is taxable. Edwards will submit the tax rate, amount and county for your approval.
     b. The project is tax exempt. You will need to send Edwards a Certificate of Exemption.
     c. The project is for resale. You will need to send Edwards a copy of your Resale Certificate.

Within two business days of the order, you will be contacted by a project manager to discuss any concerns and set a timeline for the project.